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e-mark create C2 Ink Cartridge


  • This three-color ink cartridge has been specially developed for private and creative use.
  • It allows up to 1,500 full-color imprints with minimal cleaning of the print head.
  • The C2 ink cartridge is filled with special ink that delivers a reliably high and brilliant print quality, even with infrequent use, right from the first imprint.
  • The water-based ink can be used to print on almost all absorbent surfaces such as paper, cardboard, textiles, and wood.
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The new 3-COLOUR INK CARTRIDGE C2 is perfectly suited for those customers who do not use the e-mark regularly or even rarely. Even after weeks of not using the e-mark®, the printing results are excellent from the first imprint. Due to the ink specially developed for this irregular use, the e-mark® can also be used outside the docking station for a longer time without the ink drying up. This allows the user to take more time, e. g. to set up the e-mark® exactly on the surface to be printed. The automatic print head cleaning could be reduced to a minimum, which guarantees clean working. These special features appeal in particular to people who use the e-mark® to implement their creative ideas.

The 3-COLOR INK CARTRIDGE C2 delivers up to 1,500 imprints. The three color components cyan, magenta, and yellow guarantee a beautiful and colorful print image. Like the current 3-COLOR INK CARTRIDGE, the new 3-COLOR INK CARTRIDGE C2 prints on all ink-absorbing surfaces, such as paper, cardboard, textiles, and wood. Of course, other materials can also be printed, but the ink can be wiped off again because it is water-based – by pretreating the surface, better adhesion can be achieved in these cases.

The 3-COLOR INK CARTRIDGE C2 has the addition HI-LX, which can be found on the packaging and the cartridge itself and helps to distinguish it from the 3-COLOR INK CARTRIDGE.

How to insert the e-mark ink cartridge:

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